Monday, November 30, 2009

i try not to make the same mistake more than 3 or 4 times.

so, hi there.

are you getting tired of pictures of me?

i'm kind of getting tired of finding them.


moving on!

remember guy number 2 on the list from last post?

you don't?

go read it.

then we can continue with this discussion.

i was on facebook [aka, procrastination central] the other night, and he started chatting with  me.

i finally decided to ask what he wanted from me.

his answer? just to get to know me better and see if it went anywhere naturally.

yeah. ok. please remember i've been dropping huge subtle hints that i just wasn't that into him.

so i finally had to be blunt. and tell him i just wasn't interested.

his response? "ah."

maybe that problem has been taken care of.

that dress? prom my senior year.

the boy that took me? is single again. might have had a dream the other night that he was still in love with me.

who was sad when they woke up? me.

i'll admit it. i'm lonely. so sue me.

{post title from a stephanie plum novel. do yourself a favor and read one}


Marissa said...

Hmmm dreams say a lot about what's going on in real life.... I'd say reconnect :)

Meghan O said...

prob should have read this post before i commented on the last one, woops. hope your problem is solved with boy #2, he seemed like the harder of the two.

I had an amazing dream last night. there was a guy and he made me feel amazing, even though it was a dream. too bad he's a fictitious character...

Karina said...

First off, you're dress is GORGEOUS. You look awesome. :)

I'm glad you're boy2 problems are solved.

I agree with Marissa, do you still talk to him?

amanda leeann said...

the last time i physically saw him was in may. and we were in separate cars and didn't acknowledge each other.

so it's not like there is an open communication line. plus, i wasn't the nicest when he dumped me. i was hurt, and wanted to hurt him =/

SJ said...

I am so glad you took care of that boy!

In other news, you look absolutely GORGE in that picture.

I want you to pursue this other boy! Sounds promising.

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

dear slut muffin i love you!