Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mind Games.

Dear Men of the World,

I don't like mind games and i refuse to play. (but i do love board games...clue anyone?) So when you ask what is on my mind please please prepare yourself for an honest to god response, because that is what you will get.

In high school i tried to play hard to get; it left me really tired and normally in tears eating ice cream and watching movies with my best friend on a Friday night. i would not change those memories for anything but i recently have found myself wondering "what if i had just been real with him?" "what if i had not been that busy?" how would my life had been different?

I know you can't change the past and i don't wish to, but i will change the present. you will know what i am thinking, i won't be too busy with other guys to make you green with envy, i wont expect you to fit the perfect rom com guy model, and all you will get is just me... plain and simple. All i ask for in return is the same amount of honesty and truth i have given to you.

Sound like a mind game? (i pinkie swear its not!)