Friday, July 31, 2009

saying hello =]

how long have i been putting this off?

too long, i know.

i haven't had much to say.

i still don't have much to say, but i'm going to say it anyway.

first off, allow me to introduce myself.

i'm amanda. i'm co-writing this blog with the Bee.

we're both in college.

and we're both currently single.

i can only speak for myself, but i suppose you could call my musings a chronicle.

of stuff i wish i knew, what i learn, what i should have learned sooner, and the general goings-on in the time i spend with boys.

so what are these current goings-on?

the boy i wouldn't mind liking me does not. i've been forced to accept that he's just not that into me. for now. a girl can hope, right?

the boy that does like me? i don't really like him. even though i love being his friend.

there's also a good chance i could be in serious like with the boy i consider my best guy friend ever.

the right choice is obvious.

i should choose...the boy that likes me. that compliments me. that enjoys spending time with me.

i should not choose...the boy that i never hear from and stopped talking to me for a good month and a half after taking a walk one morning.

and i should...leave the best friend alone, especially since he refuses to talk to me at this point in time.

am i going to take my own sound and logical advice?

most likely not.

i suppose some background is in order.

i had my first real boyfriend sophomore year in high school. we dated for over two years. he didn't work out so well.

i dated a nice, new boy the second semester of senior year. he was a boy scout. he paid. he would come by my house just to see me for 5 minutes on his way home. then that stopped. he went on a scout trip. and came back and dumped me. i don't like boy scouts anymore. this is why.

i'm sorry for my prejudice.

either way, amanda got used to having someone there.

amanda is not used to being alone, even though she's been that way for a year now.

i wish i knew...that there a was a nice boy made just for me in the very near future.

what i've learned...logical decisions aren't always the right ones.

what i should have learned sooner...not to get used to having a boy around.

thank you for allowing me to waste your time musing on yet another subject =]