Monday, January 4, 2010

i really meant it.

any creatures of the male race, listen up:

when a girl says she doesn't want a present...

...she really means it.

for real.

unless you are married or engaged to her, she doesn't want it.


me: " i really don't want you to get me a christmas present."

him: "okay. i won't. i don't like it, but i won't."

me: *sigh of relief*

flash forward 2 or 3 weeks to when i actually see him
[btw, this is guy that really likes me, and i don't like him.]
{& if you buy me a present, i feel like i owe you something. this doesn't make me a happy camper.}

-i open a gift card-

him: "i'm not telling you how much is on it until you leave. just promise you'll spend it."

-i think it's something semi-reasonable like ten dollars & agree-

-i leave, and get a text telling me it's $50-
-get home. frantically check with and confirm that it's true-

can someone please tell me how in the hell "don't get me a christmas present" translates into:
 "lemme buy you a $50 gift card" ?!


pardon my french.
i'm wicked pissed right now.

what should i do?

[besides become a nun and end communication with the male race, of course]