Monday, January 4, 2010

i really meant it.

any creatures of the male race, listen up:

when a girl says she doesn't want a present...

...she really means it.

for real.

unless you are married or engaged to her, she doesn't want it.


me: " i really don't want you to get me a christmas present."

him: "okay. i won't. i don't like it, but i won't."

me: *sigh of relief*

flash forward 2 or 3 weeks to when i actually see him
[btw, this is guy that really likes me, and i don't like him.]
{& if you buy me a present, i feel like i owe you something. this doesn't make me a happy camper.}

-i open a gift card-

him: "i'm not telling you how much is on it until you leave. just promise you'll spend it."

-i think it's something semi-reasonable like ten dollars & agree-

-i leave, and get a text telling me it's $50-
-get home. frantically check with and confirm that it's true-

can someone please tell me how in the hell "don't get me a christmas present" translates into:
 "lemme buy you a $50 gift card" ?!


pardon my french.
i'm wicked pissed right now.

what should i do?

[besides become a nun and end communication with the male race, of course]


Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

How good of friends are you first of all?

Cause something like this happened, but the reverse, to me. My friend Gabbie payed for a movie ticket for me because I arrived late to the theater, and I couldn't pay her back immediately. So when she returned from Christmas break, I offered her the $10 for the ticket. She declined, saying it was a Christmas present. I sneaked the bill into her purse (dropped it in, didn't touch anything) and now she is sort of mad I gave her the money.

So, if you are good friends, I would talk with him, about how it is too much first of all. See if you can get him to understand.

Alexandria said...

I agree. When a girl says, "No present." She is speaking the truth. Lame.

This is me in all of my shallow love of presents...keep the gift card! He knew you didn't want it. Keep it and spend it. I mean really, why not?

Also, it's for Borders. Win!

Jenn with 2 N's said...

you don't have to do anything. you told him NOT to. he agreed. he didn't listen. i know it feels odd to get and not give, but think of it like a birthday present, you get without giving then.

and i say, buy some awesome books. no point in letting it go to waste.

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

give it too me?

Karina said...

I don't see anything wrong with using it, but I think you should tell him strait up that you did not find it appropriate at all. :/ Sorry for the awkward moment.