Wednesday, January 5, 2011

with love, amanda.

hey all!

i know, i know. this is the most randomly updated blog of most likely ever.

but with all that cliche nonsense of a new year, i thought now was a good a time as any. 

in 2010 i learned a whole lot more about myself. 

i learned that "real" relationships stress me out.

and that labels aren't all they're cracked up to me. 

facebook is not important in relationship factors.
delete your relationship status. feel free-er.

i realized that it's hard to be yourself and who someone else wants you to be at the same time. 

and i decided that you shouldn't have to be a different person to be in a relationship. 

so here's to us:
that we would be confident.

confident to be ourselves, confident in living without labels, and confident that we are enough. 

and i'll now leave you with this highly inappropriate...thing:

because it makes me laugh :)


S said...

I dislike the facebook relationship status as well, yet mine is set.
Thank you for making me smile with that photo while I'm sick :)

GorJess said...

yeah, I hate labels.
hahaha that picture is funny!

stephanie said...

great conclusions from 2010...and that is hiiiiilarious! love it