Friday, February 26, 2010


A wise woman once sang.
"Love is a Battle Field"
and that my friends is one of the smartest things
i have ever heard.
i carry it in my heart...
(love takes all you have it might just rip you apart,
but it has the power to transform you into something new and beautiful)

Even if we
say we don't care,
we care about not caring.
we check our phone
1,000 times a day,
even though we know they wont text.
our heart flutters when we
see a look-a-like.
Recently i have learned
that no matter what type of
relationship we are in
we will be disappointed
(and we will disapoint)
and eventually it will start so create tiny cuts
which might grow into
merely a flesh wound,
but being hurt is not the end. its the beginning. it means you survived
its living,
those wounds eventually heel and turn into scars.
and some scars even fade with time.
i hope to one day find some one who thinks my scars are
because friends i can't cover every scar
and i am sick of trying.



amanda leeann said...

this is beautiful.

& for what it's worth, i love you. scars & all.

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

thanks. i love you and i can't wait to see you tonight!